The five-day CIMES 2018 exhibition will bring together the global advanced manufacturing enterprises of machine tool industry, spread the advanced manufacturing technology, accelerate the supply and demand industry docking, and promote the international trade. It is a powerful assistant for you in searching for new suppliers, getting the comprehensive first-hand market information, knowing about the latest product information, and improving your own market competitiveness.

Reasons for visiting CIMES 2018

Full of the world's well-known brands

120000 square meters of exhibition site, 1300 enterprises from 30 countries / regions, and 3500 brands will be in the CIMES 2018, showing you a comprehensive understanding of the machine tool industry.

Ready for the world

40% of the CIMES 2018 exhibitors come from countries outside of China, among which there are 13 national exhibitor groups, so you do not have to go abroad to investigate and study the development of global leading enterprises.

High-tech products and technology first release

Many well-known manufacturers will release new models, upgrade products, and bring the latest technical information at the scene, thus making your purchase and evaluation more direct and effective.

Exciting meetings & activities

CIMES carefully organizes efficient and convenient live events: forum, seminar & promotion, technical exchange, theme banquet, business parties and other activities during the exhibition, so as to enrich your experience. Meanwhile, in the “automatic robot” exhibition area, the automation equipment, machine tool, and robot will jointly stage the “dance of industrial automation”, enhancing the exhibition hotspot.

Exhibitor Profile

◆ Machine tool, tools and machine tool accessory

◆ Metal-cutting machine tool

◆ Metal forming machine tool

◆ Sheet metal working technology and equipment

◆ Metal tube fabrication technology and equipment

◆ Special processing machinery and equipment

◆ Special purpose machine tool

◆ Cutting tools, machine tool accessories, parts, auxiliary materials, machine tool electrical appliances, functional components and units, abrasive and grinding machines, electric, pneumatic and mechanical hand tools, precision measurement technology and equipment

◆ Automatic control and power transmission

◆ Flexible manufacturing technology and equipment

◆ Numerical control system, embedded system, servo system

◆ Industrial robots

◆ Frequency conversion and speed regulation, sensor, electric motor

◆ Programmable logic controller and related technology

◆ Electric drive and control system

◆ Mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission

◆ Hot-working technology and equipment

◆ Casting technology and equipment

◆ Forging technology and equipment

◆ Heat treatment technology and equipment

◆ Welding and cutting technology and equipment

◆ Related manufacturing technology and equipment

◆ Bearing manufacturing technology and equipment

◆ Gear cutting technology and equipment

◆ Mould processing technology and equipment

◆ Other complete sets of auto manufacturing technology and equipment


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