The key to success with CIMES lies in the efficient use of the powerful marketing tools offered by the show. Get the biggest boost from your participation in CIMES by making your brand/products stand out above those of other exhibitors. With a diverse mix of highly effective digital and print marketing channels – available before, during and after the show – CIMES is the best place to promote your business, raise awareness of your brand and help you seize new commercial opportunities.

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Website Promotion

Homepage prominent  product display 3
2 Pre-registration page banner ads Exclusive sponsorship
3 Special logo display at the top of the exhibitor list Exclusive sponsorship
4 Online promotion combination package A Exclusive sponsorship
5 Online promotion combination package B Exclusive sponsorship
6 Virtual products Exclusive sponsorship
7 Gold program Exclusive sponsorship


Pre-show publicity

Advertising on visitor invitation flyers Exclusive sponsorship
9 Advertising on direct mail visitor invitations Exclusive sponsorship
10 Advertising on the confirmation email for pre-registered visitors Exclusive sponsorship






Onsite promotion

Visitor bag sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
12 Special highlight of your booth location on the floor plan 5
13 Visitor lanyard sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
14 Visitor badges sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
15 Visitor registration area sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
16 Advertisement in the Visitor Onsite Guide Unlimited
17 Sponsorship for the drinking fountains in the hall corridor Exclusive sponsorship
18  On-site staff uniforms Sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
19 TAP buyers lounge and invitations  sponsorship Exclusive sponsorship
20 SMS Promotion 2
21 Post Show Report ad Exclusive sponsorship
22 Email marketing 2

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