CIMES 2018, China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition, the one you do not want to miss.

CIMES 2018: a grand international exhibition of machine tool & tools

A true international machine tool & tools trade platform with intelligent equipment and Internet

With an exhibition area of up to 120 thousand square meters, CIMES 2018 is the world's third largest International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition. It has been receiving the favor from multiple associations, enterprises, and groups at home and abroad for 26 years. More than 1300 companies from over 30 countries and regions will attend this year’s exhibition, and the expected number of audience will reach up to 150000, among whom foreign buyers account for more than 30% of the total buyers. Plenty of famous enterprises and high-quality buyers will make the exhibition a big event in the machine tool & tool industry in China and the world.

CIMES 2018: a trade platform for industry professionals and high-end buyers 

Executives, professional procurement staff and design staff from industries such as auto, ship, defense and military, aeronautics and astronautics, consumer electronics, rail locomotive, new energy, engineering machinery, medical technology, optical products, mold manufacturing, general parts, motorcycle, power generation equipment, printing machinery, petroleum machinery, instruments, and apparatus will bring high-value order to negotiate with exhibitors. CIMES is dedicated in building an efficient global machine tool trade platform with incomparable business value. 

CIMES 2018: a social event that provides the latest industry trends and promotes corporate collaboration

CIMES 2018 will organize summit, forum, technical seminars and other activities to provide people from all walks of life who attend the exhibition with opportunities to learn advanced technology and investigate the industry development with no need to go abroad. At the exhibition, you can meet the global industry colleagues. With face-to-face understanding and communication, you can grasp the key information of the market, and establish the business network of VIP.

CIMES 2018: a great opportunity for full media exposure and brand construction

CIMES has accumulated a huge database of professional audience in the past thirty years. Together with over 300 media at home and abroad, we are able to provide a time-efficient, targeted, professional, and wide coverage through the all-round multi-channel synchronous propaganda. Thus we create an excellent atmosphere for exhibitors and bring forward countless cooperative opportunities

Attending CIMES 2018 can help you:

● To meet with plenty of new clients and construct a high quality potential client database.

● Face-to-face communication with existing and potential clients.

● To display products on an interactive platform.

● To get timely feedback from the market of your products and services.

● To maintain competitiveness and brand awareness in the market.

● To speed up the purchase process.

● To facilitate sales during and after the exhibition.

● To find new agents and distributors for your products.

● To release new products and increase media exposure.

● To get ahead of your competitors.

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